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Photo: Ketch Orion in Fiji

The ketch Orion at anchor off Kandavu Island

Photo: Solomon Islands fringing reef

A fringing reef in the Solomon Islands

Photo: Papua New Guinea sailing canoe

Sailing canoes are still used on a daily basis in many parts of the tropics

Photo: New Caledonia sailing canoe
Ile de Pins pirouge

Photo: Palmyra Atoll beach

One of countless beaches on Palmyra  Atoll

Photo:  Festival of Pacific Arts 2000

A Melanesian dancer

Photo: New Caledonia tropical anchorage

Nomad in a "swimming pool" anchorage

Photo: Louisiade Archipelago, Papua New Guinea

Paddlers in the Louisiade Archipelago heading home after a day's fishing

Photo: South Pacific beach

A deserted South Pacific beach

Photo: Banda Sea, Indonesia

An island in Indonesia's Banda Sea

Photo: Lizard Island, Australia

The idyllic anchorage at Australia's Lizard Island

Photo: Bimini or cockpit awning

Shade in the cockpit is essential

Photo: James Wharram's Spirit of Gaia

Sunset at sea from the deck of the Spirit of Gaia

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