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Looking for more information relating to cruising the tropics? Try the links below. Many additional information sources are listed in the Resources section of Tropical Cruising Handbook. Send us an email if you have suggestions for more, or if a link no longer works.

Seamanship, route planning and navigation

NIMA: free online publications (Including pilot charts, light lists and sight reduction tables)

Bellingham Chart Printers (Reliable source for inexpensive high-quality paper chart copies)

Bowditch (The classic reference, now available online)

Landfall Navigation (Offshore safety and navigation equipment) 

Ocean Navigator (Our pick of the yachting magazines -- No fluff, but lots of serious, in-depth articles on ocean voyaging. Click here for their review of Tropical Cruising Handbook)

Tropical Weather and Cyclones/Hurricanes

NWS Tropical Prediction Center (All NWS forecast products are available here online)

Mariner's Guide for Hurricane awareness in the North Atlantic Basin (An excellent NOAA publication. Useful even if you're nowhere near the North Atlantic)

Hurricane Haven Handbook for the North Atlantic Ocean , and Hurricane Haven Handbook for the West Pacific and Indian Oceans (Both from the US Navy. Contain very detailed potential hurricane/cyclone tracks, based on historical data.)

Cyclone outlook: Atlantic  

Cyclone outlook: Indian Ocean

Cyclone Outlook: Darwin (Australia)

Cyclone Outlook: Coral Sea .

Joint Typhoon Warning Center  (Cyclone and weather info for the Western Pacific and Indian Oceans)

Central Pacific Hurricane Cente r (Hurricane and weather info for the Eastern and Central North Pacific Ocean )

National Hurricane Center (Hurricane info for the Caribbean and East Pacific)

Strike Probabilities for Tropical Cyclones

Cyclone Links (A US Navy site with many cyclone links)

Tropical Cruising Destinations

Noonsite (Jimmy Cornell's website, with updates for World Cruising Routes and other helpful planning info)

Travel warnings and information (US State Department)

Travel reports (Canadian Dept of Foreign Affairs)

Library of Congress Country Studies

South Pacific Oranizer (Books and other resources for travel in the Pacific from David Stanley, author of South Pacific Handbook)

Visa requirements worldwide  

Coral Reefs

Global Coral Reef Monitoring Network (Status of coral reefs, and global coral reef conservation efforts)

Reefs at Risk (Publication for download from World Resources Institute)

Boats and Boat Designs

Good Old Boat Magazine (Honest info about good boats; very helpful for those searching for an inexpensive cruising yacht)

James Wharram Designs (Multihull designs that are attractive, inexpensive and ideal for the tropics)

Mark Smaalders Yacht Designs (Plans for wooden cruising monohulls)

Yacht Clubs and Associations for Cruising Sailors

Seven Seas Cruising Association

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