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Tropical Cruising Handbook

The definitive guide for sailing in tropical latitudes.

Tropical Cruising Handbook provides cruising sailors with the knowledge and skills they need to master the challenges of sailing the tropics. With the help of more than two hundred illustrations, we filll you in on:

• Weather patterns and sea conditions, generally and region-by-region

• Reef navigation, anchoring, and other key tropical seamanship skills

• Tropical passage planning and passagemaking

• Equipping a boat for tropical sailing

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Maintaining gear in tropical environments

• Preventing and treating common tropical illnesses

• Avoiding injury from hazardous marine life

• Route planning in the Atlantic, Pacific and Indian Oceans

Whether you want to circumnavigate the tropics or simply gunkhole the Bahamas, Tropical Cruising Handbook arms you with the expert advice and information you need to plan, prepare for, and realize your tropical adventure.

Written by Mark Smaalders and Kim des Rochers and published by International Marine/McGraw-Hill in December 2001. 376 pages, including over 200 illustrations and maps.
Tropical Cruising Handbook is available from many bookstores, marine chandleries, and online



Chapter 1: Introduction Our Approach | Tropical Environments | Tropical Seamanship |Life in the Tropics | Finding Your Own Way | The Perfect Boat | Desirable Features of a Tropical Cruising Boat | What Will It Cost? | Cruising Lightly

Chapter 2: Tropical Environments Coral Reefs | Mangroves | Threats to Tropical Ecosystems

Chapter 3: Weather in the Tropics Tropical Weather Basics | Highs and Lows | Ocean Currents | Tropical Disturbances | El Niño, La Niña and the Southern Oscillation | Tropical Cyclones


Chapter 4: Navigating in Tropical Waters Use Your Judgement | Charts and Pilots | Aids to Navigation | Visual Piloting | EPs and Fixes | Putting It All Together

Chapter 5: Tropical Anchoring Anchors and Ground Tackle | Tropical Anchorages | Anchoring | Retrieving the Anchor | Anchoring Variations

Chapter 6: Sailing in the Tropics Sails | Sail Construction | Downwind Sailing | Reducing Sail | Light-Air Sailing

Chapter 7: Route Planning Cruising Seasons | Variations in the Trade Winds | Using Lows to Your Advantage | Coping with Ocean Currents | Cyclone Seasons and the Sailor | Passages to and from the Tropics | Planning Your Route| Passage Times | Refining Your Plans: Moving beyond the Averages | Piracy and Political Unrest

Chapter 8: Passagemaking Departure | On Passage | Safety at Sea | AbandoningShip | Equipping the Tropical Cruising Yacht

Chapter 9: Heavy Weather in the Tropics Waves and Swells | Heavy-Weather Hazards | Tactics for Moderately Heavy Weather | Tactics for Extreme Conditions | Cyclone Strategies


Chapter 10: Life Aboard Shade | Ventilation | Drinking Water Provisioning | Tropical Pests | Keeping It Simple | Engine Maintenance

Chapter 11: The Business Side of Cruising Paperwork | Customs | Staying in Touch

Chapter 12:Staying Healthy in the Tropics Infectious Diseases | Major Tropical Diseases | Sun- and Heat-Related Injuries | General Wound Care

Chapter 13: Dangerous Tropical Marine Organisms Large Marine Animals That Bite | Venomous Marine Animals with Spines | Venomous Marine Animals That Bite | Marine Animals with Stinging Cells | Poisonous Marine Animals

Chapter 14: Boat Maintenance Temperature, Rainfall, and Humidity | Know Your Boat | Metals in the Tropics | Stainless Steel | Aluminum | Copper Alloys: Brasses and Bronzes | Fiberglass Boats | Wooden Boats | Metal Boats


Chapter 15: Green Cruising Garbage | Sewage | Antifouling Paints | The Discharge of Oil | Coral Reefs | Fishing and Shell Collecting | Endangered Species

Chapter 16: The Quest for Paradise Today's Reality| Persistent Traditions | Showing Respect | Receiving Visitors | Making Visits | Trading | Interest and Sensitivity


Chapter 17: Tropical Atlantic Ocean North Atlantic Ocean (West Indies | Central America | Caribbean South America | Cape Verde Islands) | South Atlantic Ocean

Chapter 18: Tropical Pacific Ocean North Pacific Ocean | South Pacific Ocean

Chapter 19: Tropical Indian Ocean North Indian Ocean | South Indian Ocean | Red Sea and Gulf of Aden


1: Ropework and Sewing Rope Ratlines | Rope-to-Chain Splice | Mountain Climber's Water Knot | Roped Awning

2: Weather Forecasts Sources of Weather Information | Understanding Weather Forecasts

3: Resources


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