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About the Authors
Dutch Fort Photo
Mark in Indonesia

Mark Smaalders is a yacht designer and geographer. He's been sailing for 25 years, the last ten of which have been spent living in and cruising the tropics. He's written articles on boat design and repair, seamanship, navigation, and general cruising that have appeared in magazines worldwide. 

Kim des Rochers is also a geographer with a keen interest in indigenous maritime cultures and natural history. She has published articles on environmental and cultural issues and on cruising topics.

Mark and Kim live in New Caledonia (SW Pacific), where they sail their 35-foot wooden sloop, Nomad.

Nomad photo
Nomad, a 35' Lion sloop designed by Arthur Robb

Public Market, Darwin Australia.
Kim provisioning in a public market in Darwin, Australia

© Mark Smaalders and Kim des Rochers, 2002.