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Sailing Canoe Photo
Mark trying his hand at steering a proa in theLouisiade Archipelago in Papua New Guinea.

The following links will take you to articles we've published in different magazines over the last few years. To return here, just click the back button on your browser.

Offshore Safety : An interview with Tim Queeney, editor of Ocean Navigator, published in their Ocean Voyager Annual in 2000.

Planning a Tropical Passage Published in Ocean Voyager Annual, 2002.

The unique challenges of tropical navigation : An overview of navigating in tropical waters. Published in Ocean Navigator in March/April 2000.

River to Reef : Cruising the Queensland, Australia coast. Published in Ocean Navigator in July/August 2002.

Cape Capricorn Photo
The Australian coast near Cape Capricorn, at the southern edge of the tropics

Mark Smaalders and Kim des Rochers, 2002.